PRESERVATIVE FREE and UNISPECIES! I first made this many years ago for my sweet Tessa dog who lived here with us in this winter wonderland her whole life. From the very start we needed to look after her precious feet with great care!  I didn't  love the other paw protector brands so I made one just for us. 

Tessa is in doggie heaven now, she doesn't need her Paw Bliss there. But she wants her friends here on earth to all have some to keep their paws safe.

This salve is for hard working dog paws AND people hands. You'll love it too! 100% EDIBLE, MADE WITH ORGANIC & WILDCRAFTED INGREDIENTS.

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Keeping paw pads supple reduces splits and cracks which can become painful and sore. Dry, rough paw pads are vulnerable to further damage caused by heat cold, snow and ice.   

Used regularly this salve will help heal cracks and splits on fingers, hands and paws.  


heal + moisturize + protect

Paw + Hand Bliss Salve is for your dog's hard working paws and also your hard working hands (cracked heels, elbows, and even eczema!).   Great for gardeners, chefs, or anyone who needs the highest level of moisturizing in and a protective barrier. 

I craft Paw + Hand Bliss Salve with 100% edible waxes and oils long associated with healing wounds & cracked skin, soothing dryness, moisturizing chapped skin and promoting the healing of closed wounds.  

Paw + Hand Bliss Salve will also protect from harsh environmental conditions on your exposed skin reducing windburn and frostbite. You can even use it as a barrier balm on your face - I do when I am skiing in windy, snowy conditions.  Apply prior to abrasive or wet chores for the same protection.

Why is it called Paw Bliss -

People have paws too! We just call them hands.  You can use this safely on your pet because it is formulated with 100% edible ingredients making it safe if your pet licks it off. 

Enhanced with my very favorite blend of citrus essentials oils:  Lemon + Lime + Litsea Fruit + Pink Grapefruit + Mandarin + Sweet Orange).

Citrus essential oils are known to have an uplifting effect on the mood, to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and to enhance wound healing due to increased circulation. 

ingredients: *beeswax, carnauba wax, *kokum butter, candelilla wax, fresh yarrow infused *avocado oil *ev coconut oil, castor oil, vit E, Rosemary Leaf Extract. Essential Oils.

A note on allergies: there is no such thing as "hypoallergenic" - it is a marketing term and it is also dangerous for anyone to make that claim. Always test any new skin care product on a small patch of skin to determine sensitivities. These are handmade, small batch, artisanal products. Minor variation from batch to batch can be expected. Paw Bliss contains no preservatives. If handled with care and never contaminated with water it has a shelf life, open, of 6 months..  Products which become contaminated water should be used within 2 weeks.  

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