Oil Cleansing Instructions – Steps for Achieving Best Results for Normal – Dry Skin Types


I would like to suggest that your try to make the switch to oil cleansing cold turkey in order to make any adjustments to your new skin nourishing routine as the need arises. The Oil Cleansing Method comprises not just the oil cleansing step but also exfoliating with oil based scrubs and switching to facials oils instead of moisturizers. Hydrating spritzes can also play a key role.

What is NORMALIZING? Good things come to those who wait!

Normalizing is the process during which skin returns to it's natural state. This process can take 2 weeks to 2 months. This is because you are allowing your skin to reach equilibrium as it returns to it's natural state. This process is unique to each person. During this time you might find you develop bumps and outbreaks or still combating dry skin and other issues. This is totally normal, OCM is NOT a quick fix, but with time and commitment these are likely to resolve. This is a crucial period during during which strict adherence to Oil Cleansing Method is recommended. When adopting OCM, good things come to those who wait!

Since soaps and cleansers strip natural oils away, and if you have been using moisturizers to combat dryness, your skin needs to relearn how to be in a natural state. A state where it is not in constant of stress trying to reestablish its natural rhythms. If you are willing to endure this period of time and allow this process to unfold your skin will thank you for it in the long run! Not only will your skin issues diminish or resolve, but your skin's biome will be restored, further diminishing skin issues over time. Your skin flora is a vital, and until recently unknown, component of a healthy immune system.

There really is no “one size fits all” approach to oil cleansing but the steps outlined below are the starting point on this journey. The following steps can be modified or alter based on your own needs and experiences and are best for normal to dry skin. Over time you will learn to make adjustments to your routine which work for you to achieve good results. And by good results I mean skin which is nourished, strong and resilient, able to withstand sun exposure, environmental stress and pollution. Once your skin's biome is restored you will experience a reduction, or complete resolution, of outbreaks, bumps, clogged pores, itchiness, tight, flaky dry skin, redness and inflammation.



Leaving the oils to soak deep into your skin when removing sunscreen and makeup for 10-20 is highly encouraged.

This gives the oils plenty of time to work their magic ... you WILL get better results in the long run. 

In the morning, this is not as vital, as we are just freshening up and a quick cleanse should suffice.

Press a very warm wet washcloth to your face a few times to begin softening the skin and melting any buildup of excess skin oils, sebum, grease and dirt, makeup and sunscreen.

Oils will only penetrate the hair follicles and pores when you skin is dry. Oil Cleansing will not be effective if your skin is wet so pat dry before you begin the next step.

Now that your skin is dry, pour about a nickel size amount of Cleansing Oil in your hands and apply to your skin. Scrub in circular motions exactly the same way you would apply any cleanser, being careful to avoid your eyes. Work the oils into your skin with your fingertips and allow the oils time to penetrate. If you are pressed for time even just 30 seconds will make a difference, but if you have a few extra minutes then leave the oils on your face for better penetration and more time to work their magic! I often brush my teeth while I wait for the oils to soak in.

With a tissue or a cotton pad, gently wipe away as much of the oils as possible and discard.

Now splash very, very warm water on your face and gently scrub.

Then with a very, very warm, almost hot wash cloth, gently wipe away the remaining oil and debris.


When we say “moisture” what we are really saying is a water based liquid (spritz) or just plain water. A “Moisturizer” is a blend of oils emulsified with water by the inclusion of an emulsifier. It is the emulsifiers themselves that we are seeking to eliminate. Most provide a quick shot of moisture but which in the long run are not beneficial and can lead to outbreaks, clogged pores and other issues.

ALLOW TO AIR DRY! You will find that when you are done your skin will retain a small amount of the oil. This is the desired goal! We are not trying to remove every last bit of oils. 

Repeat these steps if you feel it is necessary.



Many people find they do not need to follow up with the application of moisturizer or facial oils at all, especially after your skin normalizes. However, when you first start OCM you may find that after 10 – 20 minutes, you skin feels tight. This is dryness and we need to adjust for it so I suggest that you avoid this by applying facial oils according to the following method. NOTE: Eventually you may find that you do not need to always do this, I have found that I can forgo facial oils in the mornings now that my skin has normalized but I always apply them at night no matter what)



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