Oil Cleansing Instructions – Steps for Achieving Best Results for Adults with Normal – Dry Skin Types


There is no book on The Oil Cleansing Method and you will come across instructions that differ then these if you are investigating the technique.  I have spoken to people who have tried OCM before but quit when they didn't get the results they had hoped for. I encourage you to try the approach outlined here as my experience and research indicates that these steps will provide the best long term results.  

The Oil Cleansing Method comprises not just the oil cleansing step but also exfoliating with oil based scrubs and switching to facials oils (applied to wet skin) in lieu of moisturizers.  I would like to suggest that your try to make the switch to oil cleansing cold turkey.

Returning to a natural state - restoring the lipid barrier and skin microbiome 

NORMALIZING: "Normalizing" is the process during which your skin is returning to it's natural state. A state where it is not in constant of stress trying to reestablish its natural rhythms. If you are willing to endure this period of time and allow this process to unfold your skin will thank you for it in the long run! Not only will your skin issues diminish or resolve, but your skin's biome will be restored, further diminishing skin issues. Your skin flora is a vital, and until recently unknown, component of a healthy immune system.

SKIN CELL TURNOVER - Since it takes about 20-40 days on average for complete skin cell turnover, any change in a routine requires time to see results. This process is unique to each person. During this time you might find you develop bumps and outbreaks, especially if you have been working hard to keep an eruption from occurring. This is a crucial period during during which time sticking with your new OCM routine is recommended. Regular, gentle exfoliation will speed this process along. 

THE ALCHEMY OF OIL CLEANSING - Time is required for the OCM to work. When talking to people who have tried OCM but did not adhere to it because they didn't get good results tell me they didn't know you had to rub the oils into DRY SKIN, and then allowed TIME to soak in for 10-20 MINUTES before removing them.  The oils need time for the alchemy of "like dissolves like" to unfold! 


There really is no “one size fits all” approach to oil cleansing but the steps outlined below are the starting point on this journey. Over time you will learn to make adjustments to your routine which work for you to achieve good results.

Good results =  skin which is nourished, strong and resilient, able to withstand sun exposure, environmental stress and pollution. Once your skin's biome is restored you will experience a reduction, or resolution, of outbreaks, bumps, clogged pores, itchiness, tight, flaky dry skin, redness, inflammation and skin sensitivities. 


Oils will only penetrate the hair follicles and pores when skin is DRY and allowed TIME to work. 

When cleansing at the end of the day, leaving the oils to soak deep into your skin for 10-20 minutes returns the best results as it allows plenty of time for the oils to penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles so the alchemy can unfold.   

Remove eye makeup with your preferred product.

APPLY OILS TO DRY SKIN: Pour a generous amount, about a quarter size amount, of Cleansing Oil in the palm rub your hands together and scrub your face just like you would if you were using any other cleanser (be careful to avoid your eyes). 

TIME TO CHILL: After 10-20 minutes it is time to remove the oils.  

With with a tissue, cotton pad, or paper towel (my favorite!) gently wipe away the majority of the oils. I recommend highly the paper towel method to remove the oils and encourage you to try that!  I use to use large cotton pads until one day I was out so I grabbed a paper towel and found it was the perfect tool for removing the oil.  Now I always use a paper towel, they are affordable, the perfect texture, and I can use it for this final rinse/wipe AND then I wipe out the sink with it when I am done. 

NEXT STEP - EXFOLIATING WITH PERFECTION SCRUB follow this link to learn how to use the Perfection Scrub.


Apply cleansing oil to dry skin and allow 10-20 minutes for the oils to soak in, remove the cleansing oils using the steps above. Skip the exfoliation step and proceed to applying your facial oils to wet skin, allow to air dry and soak in for about 20-30 minutes before applying sunscreen and/or makeup. 

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