Get your scrub on!

  • Stimulate skin cell turnover
  • Remove dull, dead skin cells
  • Reduce the incidence of clogged pores, outbreaks
  • Reduce the appearance fine lines and wrinkles.

Strong, resilient skin benefits from being gently exfoliated 2-4 times per week.

Strong, Resilient Skin

Strong, resilient skin is more likely when we make a habit of eating a whole food traditional diet rich in skin nourishing healthy fats and oils from a wide variety of sources (both animal and plant!), protecting our skin from the sun with shade hats and the judicious use of zinc-in-oil sunscreens, avoiding chemical skin treatments, damaging skin care products, excessive exfoliation, poor diet, stress ... the list goes on!

do you have sensitive skin?

  1. Acne
  2. Rosacea
  3. Burning and stinging
  4. Contact dermatitis (allergies and irritants, also including eczema)

    Unless your skin is extremely sensitive, all skin types benefit from gentle exfoliating. Over time, using Oil Cleansing and facial oils in lieu of soap and emulsified lotions will help your skin regain strength, reducing sensitivities and making regular exfoliating possible.


    Apply a small amount of scrub to DAMP skin and gently exfoliate.

    If your skin is completely dry the level of abrasion will be too much and I do not recommend this.

    If your skin is too wet, then the salt will melt too quickly.  

    So pat  your face with a towel to remove some of the water before applying the scrub and adjust the amount of moisture to achieve a level of exfoliation that feels good to you

    Rinse with very, very warm water and wipe away excess with a very, very warm, almost hot cloth.

    You can stop here and allow your face to air dry, or continue to the next step: HOW TO APPLY FACIAL OILS

    TRY THIS AT NIGHT SOMETIMES: Salt is SO good for both oily and dry skin. Salt is very nourishing externally, I wrote a blog post about if you want to read about why.

    After I am done cleansing and scrubbing, I will sometimes apply a very tiny bit of scrub to wet skin and rub it around to melt the salt – then I let it air dry, leaving a layer of nourishing salt on my skin surface. Perfection Scrub is a blend of plant seed oils AND seed BUTTERS. The butters are SO nourishing and very effective moisture barrier, helping your skin retain moisture. Salt is very good for your skin. It is hydroscopic, meaning it pulls moisture from the air, by leaving it on the skin you are providing long lasting salt therapy for your skin to thrive.  

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